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Jacky S.

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Das folgende Interview wurde von Jacky Sangster exklusiv für die Online-Präsenz ultimate-obsession.de und culture-beat-online.de gegeben. Von einer nicht genehmigten Veröffentlichung auf anderen Internetseiten ist abzusehen.

An dieser Stelle noch einmal vielen Dank an Jacky Sangster und Frank Fenslau, die mir dieses kurze Interview ermöglicht haben.

3. Juli 2006


Deon: Hi Jacky!
         First of all, I wanna thank you, that you take some time, to answer 
         some questions. How are you?
Jacky: Thank you for interviewing me and I am fine.
Deon: How does it feel to be a part of Culture Beat, the Group that began to
         write the first chapter in the history of Euro Dance?
Jacky: It is an honour to be a part of euro dance history.
Deon: So now it’s two years after you released your last Track called “Can’t
         go on like this”. It’s been such a long time and many fans thought
         that the story of Culture Beat had come to an end. What happend in
         the meantime?
Jacky: Yes unfortunately it has been a long time since our last release but
           we have been busy doing a lot of shows and since our internal
           structure had changed we need to release the right song with the
           right team we will do nothing less for our fans.
Deon: You’re still on tour with Culture Beat and it’s like “Wow” when one
         can see you performing. You got so much energy and everyone can see
         that you love your job. What’s the secret of your power?
Jacky: The music is the secret if you love it the rest comes easy.
Deon: In summer 2002 you released a solo Track called “Knock on wood”.
         Are there plans for any other solo projects?
Jacky: At this moment no! It was some thing fun to do but my heart belongs
           to CB.
Deon: Many other singers of famous Euro Dance Groups lend there voices to
           several Projects, so like Jenny Bersola, Anita Davis or Kim Sanders.
           Was your voice featured by some other artists?
Jacky: Yes but before I joined CB at this moment I feel no need to lend my
           voice out but maybe if the right song or collaboration I would
           consider it.
Deon: So, you are Jacky S., the powerful woman that is the face of Culture
           Beat. Is there a difference to the private Jacky?
Jacky: Yes a major difference most people would never recognize me.  I am
           the exact opposite of the person on stage and I like both worlds.
Deon: What are you doing, when you don’t work with Culture Beat. Have
           you got another job or is Culture Beat your fulltime job?
Jacky: Culture beat is my fulltime job of cause there are other things I do
           out of personal interest but CB get’s my full attention.
 Deon: What are your plans for the future and what can your fans look 
           forward to?
Jacky: Well were working on another release that is of CB standards and
           hopefully our fans will forgive us for taking so long.  We know what
           our loyal fans expect from us only the very best.
Deon: There are still so many Culture Beat Fans out there all over the world,
         and they are waiting so long, to get a sign from you. They will stand
         forever behind you and Frank. Is there something you want to say to
Jacky: Thank you for the many years of support it touches me deeply that
           you care so much.  In 2007 I will give you a new sign which will be
           of fun and dance.
Deon: Thank you Jacky for this short interview. It was a pleasure for me to
           ask you some questions. I wish you all the best in the world and I
           hope so badly to hear something new from you in time. Let’s finish
           this interview with the words “...and the beat keeps going on!” (We
           all hope so)
Jacky: I hope to meet you and thank you in person it was fun